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The Team

A curling team is sometimes called a rink and consists of four players.  The skip is the team captain.  He/she sets the overall strategy, calls for specific shots, interprets the ice conditions and throws his/her team's last two rocks in each end.  A skip should be adept at all types of shots as well as making lemonade from his/her teammates' lemons.  The vice-skip, or third, holds the broom while the skip delivers his/her stones, assists the skip in reading the ice conditions and throws rocks number five and six.  The second throws stones number three and four and should be a powerful sweeper.  The lead throws his/her team's first two rocks in each end, setting the tone for how the end will play out.



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Learn to Curl Clinics

  • Feb. 21, 2228
  • Mar. 7, 8, 16, 17, 1828
  • Apr. 4, 11

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Weekly Curling

Friday night leagues Jan. 3rd through April 11th
Wednesday night league Mar 19 - Apr 9

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We Curl At: 

The Forum at Fishers (map) (site)
9022 East 126th Street
Fishers, Indiana 46038