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About Curling - A Stone's Throw Away

Why Curling? Curling is an increasingly popular way to stay active and challenge yourself mentally and physically during the long winter months.  It is a team sport of fitness and finesse, promoting balance, stamina, and sportsmanship in a lighthearted environment.

Curling requires concentration and focus, and beginners find the game moves faster than it looks.  Much like the game of golf, every shot is different, and seeking that next perfect shot is addictive and rewarding.   The motions and skills involved in delivering the stone can improve flexibility, balance, and strength.  

It is a great complement to yoga, as skill and practice in one can transfer to the other.


Vigorous sweeping raises the heart rate and body temperature, providing a light aerobic workout over the course of a game.Combining these contrasting physical activities is the primary challenge to curling, where exertion and steadiness must follow in close succession. Mental focus and concentration must also be maintained throughout a game often referred to as “chess on ice”. Comparisons are often made to Chess, Bocce, Billiards, Golf and Shuffleboard, but Curling has considerably more control, teamwork, strategy, and precision than any of these.

Curling is known for the good sportsmanship among its members as well as for the friendly, courteous rivalry that exists on the ice. While most of the courtesies will not be found in rule books, they are practiced by all curlers who understand the true spirit and traditions



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Learn to Curl Clinics

  • Feb. 21, 2228
  • Mar. 7, 8, 16, 17, 1828
  • Apr. 4, 11

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Weekly Curling

Friday night leagues Jan. 3rd through April 11th
Wednesday night league Mar 19 - Apr 9

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We Curl At: 

The Forum at Fishers (map) (site)
9022 East 126th Street
Fishers, Indiana 46038