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Curling History

It is believed the first recorded curling match was not a friendly one, but rather a “duel” between a monk and a governor in Paisley Abbey, Scotland, circa 1540.  John Sclater (the monk) challenged a new “landlord” by the name of Gavin Hamilton (whom evidence suggests was not a popular fellow) to “...go to the ice in the appointed place and that they would there have a contest with stones thrown over the ice.“  The result was not recorded, and it would be another 150 years before the next evidence was written of how the sport of curling was played.  While likely started in the Netherlands or Belgium, Scotland became enamored with curling and tradition for the last 400 years.

By the beginning of the 19th century, Scottish immigrants to Canada took the sport with them.  The sport evolved differently in Scotland and Canada.  Canadians developed much of the game as we know today, with a sliding delivery and takeout-based strategy.  Curling is still developing quite rapidly, where technology and popularity are forging new rules and strategies each year.  One thing that will remain is the spirit of sportsmanship that has developed with great honor, despite people like Gavin Hamilton.


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