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Ice Etiquette

Curling is known for the good sportsmanship among its members as well as for the friendly, courteous rivalry that exists on the ice.  While most of the courtesies suggested below will not be found in rule books, they are practiced by all curlers who understand the true spirit and traditions of the sport.

Be on time. Arrive 30 minutes prior to your game to get ready. Your team and opponents are waiting for you.

Wear clean shoes and clean them on the mat before going on the ice.  Dirt tracked on the ice impedes the running of the stones.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their sheet of ice clean and free of lint, dust, etc.  Wipe the bottom of your rock with your hand before delivering it to clean off any debris.

Be ready to throw your stone immediately after your opponent’s stone has been delivered. Each end should take 10-15 minutes to complete with the full 8 ends in a 2 hour time period.  At the conclusion of each end, Seconds and Thirds line the rocks back up while the Leads get ready to throw.  Skips remain in the house on the opposite end.

Rocks are numbered and lettered according to the sheet you are playing on.  Leads throw rocks 1 and 2, Seconds throw 3 and 4, Thirds 5 and 6 and the Skips throw 7 and 8.  If the wrong rock is thrown, it is not imperative to fix it during that end--just remember to throw in the proper order next time.

Do not move about or talk while anyone else is delivering their stone.  Sweepers should not cross the view of the thrower as the thrower prepares to deliver the stone.

Sweepers should be on the sidelines – alert and ready to sweep immediately, if called upon. They should stay with/near the moving stone all the way to the house, sweeping or not.  Then they must return to the area between the hog lines and remain on the sidelines until a member of their rink is ready to throw.

If you touch your own team's moving stone with your broom or any part of your body, that rock is “burned” and should be immediately taken out of play by you.

The expression “Ice!” is similar to “Fore!” in golf and means you are blocking the path of a stone, in a line of danger or the view of a curler.  You should move to the side of the ice and remain still.

If one team falls well behind and does not appear capable of catching up, it is acceptable for that team to concede the game before all eight ends are completed.  The Skip usually decides after consulting with his/her teammates.

No food or beverages on the ice.

Protect the hacks, scoreboards and hockey boards.  Rocks should never come in contact with these items.

Skips and Thirds should keep their brooms behind them in the house and stand still while opponents are throwing.

No one should deliberately delay the game.

If you have personally moved a stationary stone, say so immediately so that it may be placed back in its original position to satisfy the opposing Skip.

Please review and learn all the current Curling Rules, paying particular attention to the specific duties of your position.

Thirds conduct a coin toss at the beginning of each game.  Winner picks which team throws first, loser of toss picks color of rock.

Thirds agree on the scoring at the conclusion of each end, post the scores and handle any measuring of rocks if needed. Everyone else should get out of the way!

Thirds post all points on the scoreboard as well as post the win or loss on the bulletin board.

Skips should stress constant instruction during the season to improve player participation. This also includes these points of etiquette.

Free guard zone:  First four rocks of an end (two from each team), if they are positioned as a guard in front of the house, cannot be taken out by the opposing team until the fifth rock is thrown.  If this occurs, the rock that was taken out needs to be put back into its original position and the thrown rock must be removed from play.

Congratulate the opposing players, as well as members of your own rink, when they have made a good shot.  NEVER, by word or deed, be guilty of any action that would embarrass a player who has missed a shot.

Honor the spirit of sportsmanship--do not use foul language or try to intimidate others on the ice.

Every curling game begins and ends with a hearty handshake of friendship and goodwill to both teammates and opponents by wishing them, “Good curling".

Winners clean the ice.

Curlers playing in the last draw of the evening help remove equipment from the ice, if needed.

Post game social:  It is customary to sit down with the opposing team for a round of refreshments.  Typically the winners provide the first round and the losers reciprocate.  Get to know your fellow curlers – they’ll become your newest lifetime friends.

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