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Circle City Curling Club is excited to introduce to our Members the Klutch curling system. This system will allow members to analyze the delivery of the stones with incredible detail. The stones on sheet B are equiped with trackers under the handles that record times as you cross the back lines and hog lines while also registering rotation and line of delivery. All three sheets have the tracking system installed under the ice, so that during practice times you may move the stones from sheet B and practice on other sheets. We do ask that if you plan to use the app while playing league games on sheet B that you have your setup done prior to game time, quickly register your rocks when it is your turn, and wait to review any data until after the game. We don't want the use of this tool slowing down the games.

To see a demonstration or view information online visit: Klutch

Follow the instructions included below to download the app. The club has paid the subscription fee so when asked for the subscription code enter: K3B6234

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